Togo Varieties

#1 Togo Live

Our most popular product allows your customers to book live online, does your table planning, can collect deposits and pre-orders and manages the flow of people coming into your venue to maximise profits and prevent bottlenecks. That’s in addition to all the cool marketing toys you can use.

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#2 Togo Now

If you think your venue is too fast paced for a booking system then think again, this lightning quick, lean version of our system can manage a combination of bookings and huge wait lists with ease getting rid of the frustrations for you and your customers at peak times.

#3 Togo Out

Brand new for 2016, Togo Out is perfect for complex venues that require private event planning and the ability to offer split payments across large groups. It makes dealing with large parties a breeze; offering you the speed and flexibility you’d expect from Togo.Togo Out also fully integrates with the other versions of Togo above too.

#4 Togo Stay

Quickly and easily manage room bookings and the linking of room bookings to dinner reservations and function rooms. Togo can take deposits and integrate with external third party booking providers.

#5 Togo Together

A multi-booking system for people that have various activities that can be booked together or sperately. So if your venue has a bowling allley, restaurant and pool tables togo can seamlessley take bookings for all of them and make sure there are no gaps; saving time and MAXIMISING profits.